Sumatra Surf Resort


Empty waves in paradise. Too good to be true? Well think Again. This surf resort on the tiny island of Asu is one of our favourites. As more and more surfers head to the Mentawai Islands, few of them travel this far north to the Hinako Islands.  if they do head up this far they tend to be heading for nearby Nias. Sure Nias is a world class wave, but Asu catches the same swell, and does so consistently. So while surfers are competing for the wave of their life at Nias, you can be picking the best of the set over on Asu.

Intermediate surfers love it here too, it’s a great place to sit on the shoulder and not have to compete for every wave, plenty of time to practice that manoeuvre on a perfect offshore groomed zero crowd wave.

Both in and out of the water you’ll be well looked after. Feeling too lazy to paddle. Hop on the resorts speed boat to take you back to the lineup. The islands other great draw is the fishing. There are no commercial fishing fleets for hundreds of miles. The water round these parts is teeming with fish. Whether you love to hook them out of the water (all the gear is available) or just see them on your plate, you won’t be disappointed.

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