The Banyaks

The Banyak Islands are a group of islands off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia’s Aceh Province. These islands are inhabited but tourism almost doesn’t exist. These remote islands are primarily visited by surf charters as there are many world class uncrowded and secret waves around the area.

The group of islands lie north of Nias and south of Simuelue, depending on the source you’ll find that there are as many as 70 until 99 islands. The islands have been known for their off shore coral reefs. The islands vary in their land cover; most are sandy with limited vegetation, while the larger islands have deep rainforests and are fringed by intertidal mangroves.

The coral reefs are habitat to diverse species of ocean life, including green and leatherback sea turtles, pelagic and coral fish, and varieties of octopus, lobster, and other ocean life. The weather is tropical; August to January are the rainy season, followed by a dry season from approximately February to July.

To get to the Banyak Islands you got to go to Medan first. From Medan to Singkil. And from Singkil by boat to the islands.
From Singkil you can take a shared van/taxi or a private car. This trip to Singkil takes about 8 hours in a private car. They can pick you up from your hotel in Medan and drop you at your destination in Singkil.

From Singkil you will be picked up by the resort’s boat. The trip takes about 2-3 hours depending on the conditions.


The entire Bay of Plenty needs a SW swell to get between Nias and Bangkaru island. None of the waves in the bay are beginner waves. Intermediate to experienced or experienced surfers only as the waves turn into barrels or go over shallow reef.

  • Gunturs or also called Joy Stick is a right hander swell magnet working all the time. Playful with a small swell, but turns into a serious barrel when an overhead swell hits.
  • Lolok Point is an incredible left that appears with a big swell, the perfect freight train barrel for the more experienced tube riders out there.
  • Dindos or Toy Town is the more intermediate friendly left hander. It runs over a shallow reef.

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