Rote Island

Rote Island is situated 500 km Northwest of the Australian coast and is situated southwest of the larger Island of Timor. It is an island part of Indonesia, part of the East Nusa Tenggara province. An Island where the word “paradise” is engraved in every visual corner to be explored.

Long white empty beaches with crystal clear waters, magnificent rock and cliff formations, a place that holds the oldest and biggest Mangroves tree forest of Indonesia, not to mention lagoons, caves, coves and untouched forest stretches. The ocean treasures and unimaginable marine life with hectares of coral reef. A place that will capture any traveler’s heart.

An Island where simplicity and pureness of nature is key. Where the locals as well as the time flow will meet you with ease and grace. An island where pigs run around like bunnies in the forest and where daily life adjusts to the rhythm and time that only nature controls. One will and can truly experience and explore a life in paradise as we have always imagined it to be.

The population of Rote had been set in 2010 at around 120.000 people only. Since tourism is still quite new to many on the island you will often meet an innocent and pleasant curiosity combined with a very happy and helpful nature. The majority practices a Christian belief, which plays a strong role in their lives. Agriculture and it’s lontan plantation, fishing and farming are most dominant in occupation where it concerns sources of income for the people of Rote Island.

Also on Rote Island, like in Bali there are two seasons that identify Rote’s temperature and nature: the dry season (from May – September) and the wet season. During the dry season the sky is nearly always crystal clear and an impeccable dreamy night sky filled with the brightest of stars will light up each night. Cooler trade winds are regularly present from the South East, which creates a more breezy temperature during this season. The wet season (Nov – Feb) sees some rainfall especially in December and January and temperatures will rise. However the occurrence of mosquito’s on the Island of Rote are rather rare due to the arid climate.

In order to get to Rote Island there are two options once setting foot in Kupang, the provincial capital of West Timor. You either take the ferry or go by plane. Price wise it will not make much difference. By ferry it will take approximately 2 hours, by plane including boarding time, it will take you 30 minutes. The advantage of going by ferry lies in the flexibility of luggage a passenger can bring, as by plane there is a maximum of only 10 kg per person.


Rote Island has many amazing surf breaks. The most famous ones are T-land break, Sucky Mamas and Boas wave.

The T-Land break in Nemberala (under locals known as “Besialu” or for the population of old explorer expats: “Old man’s left”) is under perfect conditions a super long left break that can roll on for a few 100 meters down a relatively forgiving coral reef. It’s size range would be 2 – 15 ft. and therefore good for intermediate – advanced surfers. When small it is a soft cruisy wave to ride, yet once a more serious swell sets in, its proposition will change and charge over 6 ft. This break is divided in 3 sections: The Peak, The Pyramid and The Mountain.

Sucky Mamas (or Suckies, it’s local name is: Sukanamon) is located on the North side on the large Nemberala channel and is only accessible by a boat from the nearby resort. It takes around 10 – 15 minutes to reach this break and costs are around Rp500.000 for max 8 pax. It is a short and extremely shallow right, on a higher tide it becomes a more fatty yet steeper wave to ride on. Usually best on mid tide, it holds a size range of 4 – 8 feet for only advanced level of surfers.

BOA’s is a 15-minute boat ride or a 10-minute drive away from Nemberala. This right is known to provide an incredibly hollow drop at first, which then opens up as a speedy long wall ride. Perfect fun challenge for advanced surfers. Mid to high tide works best for this break, with a size range of 3 – 8 feet.

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