The first time i visited bali i had just read Tom Anderson’s excellent book on Surf Travel, Riding the magic carpet. I had digested his chapter on surfing at Uluwatu, the mechanical left hand reef break at the western tip of the Bukit peninsula and his wonderful depiction of paddling out through a caves and surfing perfect waves over razor sharp reefs. Exciting as it sounded, regarding myself as an intermediate at best surfer it didn’t sound like it was really the place for me.

How wrong i could be. My first surf in Bali was at that very break, under the watchful eye of the guides from Padang Padang Surf Accommodation, i paddled, popped up and rode my first wave in the warm crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean. Not nearly as intimidating as i had imagined. Other guests, beginners surfing for the first time were paddling out at breaks such as Padang Padang, not the hollow left hander close to the rocks, but the gentle break in the centre of the beach. A perfect spot to learn the ropes, none of the battling against white water i’d known from learning to surf days in the UK and on the east coast of Australia, just a paddle through the channel and wait for your wave.

The reason i relay all this is to reassure any first time visitor to the Island of the Gods, that Bali is the perfect destination for all levels of surfer from the absolute beginner to the most accomplished pro.  Whether you are looking for a luxury accommodation to base yourself for the search for waves, a boat trip in Indonesian surf paradise or maybe surf accommodation with professional local guides who will make sure you are always at the right break for your level.

The Bali Surf Travel Company will put you in the right spot.