Mount Agung is erupting…

UPDATE 29 November: Bali airport is resuming flights as of 4pm.


Yes it is as we speak. There are many beautiful photos circulating social media at the moment showing the enormous ash cloud that’s being spewn out by the volcano. But besides this beautiful natural occurance there’s lots of travel disruptions for all people traveling to and from Bali. The airport has been closed since Monday 27th of November. And many people are stranded. The wind is taking the ash east towards Lombok, and the airport at Lombok has been closed as well.

Arrivals and departures to and from Bali are being redirected to the airport in Surabaya. There are many private drivers offering transport services by car to Surabaya, which takes 14-15 hours. There are also some options of going to Banyuwangi which is alot shorter. From Banyuwangi one can take a train to Surabaya. However the train tracks in this region have flooded due to the heavy rains. Yes it is also the rain season at the moment.

However the Indonesian Department of Transportation is providing airport shuttles directly between Bali airport and Surabaya airport. The shuttle service costs 300 000 IDR per person and is available until 9pm. People can go to the “mt agung service post” or in Indonesian “Posko Pelayanan Gunung Agung”. Other services include a shuttle to Mengwi Bus station and Padang Bai for free.

For anyone worried about overstaying their visa’s. Immigration is waiving the overstay fee for people not able to depart on the days the airport is closed. But you’ll need to go to the airport to get an emergency visa with your tickets.

On social media I see alot of questions by people “when….” When is it over? When will the airport open again. When… Unfortunately nobody can answer that. It’s nature, we just have to wait…in the meantime, stay safe everyone.