Bali Surf Season

When is the best time to go surfing in Bali? It’s a question we get asked a lot here at the Bali Surf Travel Company. It’s a tough question. Both wet season and dry season have their draws.

The surf season on Bali ‘s West coast runs from May to September, the cooler dry season. Trade winds blowing East to West grooming southern ocean Swells marching up from Antarctica. Nature conspires to bring the essential surf elements: tide, wind, and swell together to create what can only be described as surfing Nirvana. Uluwatu lights up, Padang Padang turns in to tube riding heaven and all the breaks along the coast spread the  dry season crowds a little thinner.

Beginners still get a look in. ‘Padang Padang Rights’ remains mostly beginner friendly, Dreamland can be fun an if things get too big Jimberan bay offers a wide array of consistent beach breaks.

Surfing Bali in rainy Season is loads of fun too. The winds switch from West to East and a hugh array of East Coast breaks come into play. Geger can be a fun trip, get a boat out the back, but be ready for some paddling, the currents are often strong. Keramas, Nico, Sri Lanka and Sanur regularly produce world class conditions at this time of year. Serangan (Turtle Island) keeps the beginners (and advanced) surfers coming back for more.

That’s not to say that those staying on Bali’s West coast will be heading east every day. Staying on Bali’s western tip can have its advantages. Paddling out at dawn to an empty glassy overhead Uluwatu  still happens at this time of year. And yes, its the wet season, yes it often rains. But the rains often conveniently limit themselves to the night time, the electrical storms can be mesmerising. The next morning you can be paddling out under clear blue skies and water temperatures touching 30 Degrees Celsius. what’s not to love?

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