Padang Padang

Padang Padang has something for everybody. Incense lingers in the air as you squeeze down the stairs that carve their way through the limestone rock to the beautiful white sand beach. Look left and you’ll see surfers taking on what is known as the Balinese Pipleline, a World class left hand reef break. Look 100 metres right and you’ll see beginners paddling for the fist waves of their lives or Intermediate surfers working on their manoeuvres at the much more forgiving ‘Padang Rights’.

But it’s the most dangerous and most hollow wave in the area that keep the expert local and international crew coming back for more. It’s at its best in the dry winter months (June to September) when it’s hit by a good southern ocean swell (6ft+ ). When ‘it’s on’ you certainly won’t have the wave to yourself, you might be sharing the water with 40-50 other Surfers, competing to to drop into the barrel of their lives. In contrast the relaxed beach is a perfect spot to hangout post surf. Backpapackers and Families enjoy the warm, calm waters inside the reef. Beach Warungs (restaurants) keep energy levels topped up with Indonesian staples such as Nasi Goreeng (fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodles) and the omnipresent Bintang (beer). Even the beach hawkers are usually laid back, as happy to chat as to sell you a seemingly infinite number of sarongs or their massage services to ease those tired shoulders.

A whole industry has sprung up around the local area catering for the surf traveller, when it comes to accommodation, check out our selection on here. Food-wise you are spoilt for choice with some high quality international cuisine, Italian, Thai, Japanese or Sample excellent local fare at 3D Restaurant, a little out of the village, but certainly worth the trip up the hill.